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About Us

The CompositeCon Team

We are photographers who know how to composite images, from all types of different genres.

There is something for every interest here, from fantasy, to newborn, to sport, to fine art.

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Please visit our Facebook Group for more info and to get involved in the Compositecon community.

We run a streaming subscription library of Photoshop video tutorials to help you learn how to composite images.

From newborn and children composites to sports and fantasy Photoshop manipulations.


CompositeCon can help you master the tools and techniques to bring your visions to life.


Word of Mouth

“Absolutely amazing. Easy to follow and understand. I think it is great that not only are there full edit tutorials but there are breakdowns of individual tools. That was something I had a hard time finding when I was starting out. Even now that I have a good grasp on it I went on and watched a few of them (and plan on the rest) and picked up some new tricks. It is great that there all mutiple people because everyone learns differently and does things in their own way. So not only will you find someone or multipl people you jive with you will learn things you didn't realize you wanted to know. Plus I love all the different accents lol. I have had subscriptions to pretty much everyone that offers them and hands down this is the best. I cancelled the rest :) hope that helps ♡ also the site is super fast and easy to navigate. There is a lot of content but it is organized in a way that is not overwhelmingly. I might be a tad bit in love ♡.”

“I am absolutely blown away with how good this is, and I've only had it for 24 hours! There's so much content!! I just went to add to my list, but think I've basically added the entire library of tutorials (oops) such a fantastic resource, thank you SO much. You guys are a-mazing. (and that is without a single mention of the tonnes of backdrops, actions etc in the freebies pack. I think I could burst with excitement!). I was a member of this group for a while before purchasing, and it's clear to see how much passion the admins/contributors have put into the resources, and they are always there to help, provide creative and technical suggestions, and just a lovely support <3 if you aren't sure about joining, definitely speak to them. I found them fair, balanced, and incredibly supportive. ”

“For anyone in the group who is on the fence about joining the membership, jump in! Not only are there incredible tutorials from all of these great mentors, but they will be offering free stock, etc. along the way! I have watched quite a few, and have learned something new with each and every video.It really is much more valuable than the cost! I am so thrilled with it, I just wanted to spread the word! A lot of time and effort was put into this for us to learn, so be sure to support the team!”

- Joanne Luciani - 

- Kate Preston - 

-Stephanie Nichole Schock  - 

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Meet Us

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Eric Miele

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Lives in his imagination. In reality, east coast USA.
Father of triplet girls, photographer, teacher and photoholic.

Likes: photography, hockey, skating, nature, music, guitar and too many more things to list.

Dislikes: Getting tugged at while working on the computer and tailgaters while driving.

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