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C o m p o s i t e C o n

CompositeCon is a streaming video subscription library of Photoshop video tutorials to help you learn how to composite photography images.
Learn from the best in the industry in all genres from newborn to surreal, fantasy, sports, fine art and more.

You can also get a whole bunch of goodies to play with in our store at 35% discount if you have a subscription with us!  From digital backgrounds and overlays, to textures, brushes and actions.

Join us annually, for a reduced fee, and as an added bonus get freebies sent to your email every single month!

We also have an amazing community of people in our members only Facebook group where the mentors offer support, help and guidance to you relating to your images and also technical support.

 If you are a beginner or advanced in Photoshop, we have something for everybody that wishes to start learning compositing.  Your photography clients will love having that added option of composites in your portfolio.

Just check out some of the Photoshop tutorials we have in our video library below:


Photoshop 101

Photoshop 101 is an ever growing section in the video library.

We cover Photoshop tools needed and used in compositing.  If you are a beginner in Photoshop, starting with this section will help you a great deal.  Understanding your tools is a good first step to starting composites.

Intro into Compositing

& Behind the Scenes

Intro into Compositing and the Behind the Scenes sections are really helpful for learning the tools you need, stock, and lighting etc

We cover Where to get started, the hardware and software used for compositing and getted started in photoshop. 

How to do pricing is also a question everybody asks when trying to sell composites, so we have also covered this for you.

The behind the scenes section helps you understand lighting for your photography and shows you the before photos and the set up.



The fantasy section is a very popular one.

The very idea of creating an exciting imaginary world for children is a very appealing one, and one that many photography clients ask for.

We cover the very basics, from extracting your subject, to adding extra stock, creating shdows, colour matching and blending, and creating extra special light effects to make your composites really pop.

Fine Art

Fine art runs alongside compositing.  That creamy bokeh look of fine art images are what many photographers and digital artists strive to achieve.

We help you with skin editing, background editing, adding in special elements like sunrays, lighting, bokeh and more and cover the very popular painterly editing.


Sports and Surreal

Sports is ever so popular with photographers who shoot seniors.  Up your game and learn how to composite your photos to make your sports and senior photos really stand out from the rest.

Surreal is a fun one!  From miniature photos, to giants, to silhouettes.

These tutorials are imaginative and fun.  The silhouette images are very popular to do and great for creating emotive compositives.


Newborn and Realistic

Newborn compositing is proving very popular over the last few years.

Not everybody can afford to buy new props all the time, or have the space to store them all!  With compositing, this eliminates the need for props.  There are sucha wide range of digital backdrops available.  We teach you how to extract baby from your photo and put them into different digital scenes and do face inserts too.  We also provide you with backdrops to help you out when getting started.

Realistic compositing has proven popular too.  Not everybody wants fantasy images or painterly images.  Sometimes a face swap is needed, or a change of background or adding some extra stock like a sky overlay.  We can show you how best to achieve your realistic composite.